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Installing MindsDB for Development

Before you contribute to MindsDB you will need to install it. There are a few options to do that by installing from source, PyPi or using our Docker image. Our preferred method for development is source install.

Installing MindsDB from the source

Before installing MindsDB make sure you have Git and Python 3.7.x or 3.8.x versions installed.

  1. Fork MindsDB Repository from GitHub.
  2. Clone the fork locally
  3. Create a new virtual environment as python3 -m venv mindsdbenv.
  4. Activate the virtual environment source mindsdbenv/bin/activate.
  5. Install dependencies cd mindsdb & pip install -e .
  6. Start MindsDB python3 -m mindsdb.

If everything works, in the console you should see a similar message:

2022-06-28 16:21:46,942 - INFO -  - GUI available at
2022-06-28 16:21:47,010 - INFO - Starting MindsDB Mysql proxy server on tcp://
2022-06-28 16:21:47,015 - INFO - Waiting for incoming connections...
mysql API: started on 47335
http API: started on 47334