Thank you for your interest in contributing to MindsDB. MindsDB is free, open-source software and all types of contributions are welcome, whether they’re documentation changes, bug reports, bug fixes, or new source code changes.

Contribution issues πŸ”§

All the issues open for contributions are tagged with good-first-issue or help-wanted. A great place to start looking is our GitHub project for community contributors dashboard.

Also, we are always open to suggestions so feel free to open new issues with your ideas and we can give you guidance!

After you find the issue that you want to contribute to, follow the fork-and-pull workflow:

  1. Comment on the issue, so we can assign it to you
  2. Fork the MindsDB repository
  3. Clone the repository locally
  4. Make changes and commit them
  5. Push your local branch to your fork
  6. Submit a Pull Request so that we can review your changes
  7. Follow the PR template and provide all of the required informations
  8. Make sure that the CI tests are GREEN

Be sure to merge the latest MindsDB repository from β€œupstream” before making a Pull Request!

Pull Request reviews are done on a regular basis. Please make sure you respond to our feedback/questions and sign our CLA.

Documentation πŸ“–

We are always trying to improve our documentation. All Pull Requests that improve our grammar or docs structure or fix typos are welcomed.

Check the issues labeled as good-first-issue or help-wanted with a documentation tag.

Write for us πŸ“

Do you find MindsDB useful and want to share your story? Make a PR to this repo with your writing in a markdown file, or just post it on Medium, Dev, or your own blog post. We would love to hear from you πŸ’š