The README file is a crucial document that guides users in understanding, using, and contributing to the MindsDb integration. It serves as the first point of contact for anyone interacting with the integration, hence the need for it to be comprehensive, clear, and user-friendly.

Sections to Include

Table of Contents

A well-organized table of contents is provided for easy navigation through the document, allowing users to quickly find the information they need.


Explain what specific database, application, or framework the integration targets. Provide a concise overview of the integration’s purpose, highlighting its key features and benefits.

Handler Implementation

  • Setup
    • Detail the installation and initial setup process, including any prerequisites.
  • Connection
    • Describe the steps to establish and manage connections, with clear instructions.
    • Include SQL examples for better clarity.
  • Required Parameters
    • List and describe all essential parameters necessary for the operation of the integration.
  • Optional Parameters
    • Detail additional, non-mandatory parameters that can enhance the integration’s functionality.

Example Usage

  • Practical Examples: Offer detailed examples showing how to use the integration effectively.
  • Coverage: Ensure examples encompass a range of functionalities, from basic to advanced operations.
  • SQL Examples: Include SQL statements and their expected outputs to illustrate use cases.

Supported Tables/Tasks

Clearly enumerate the tables, tasks, or operations that the integration supports, possibly in a list or table format.


Transparently outline any limitations or constraints known in the integration.


  • Future Developments: Highlight areas for future enhancements or improvements.
  • GitHub Issues: Link to open GitHub issues tagged as enhancements, indicating ongoing or planned feature additions.