This section gets you started on how to contribute to the MindsDB documentation.

MindsDB’s documentation is run using Mintlify. If you want to contribute to our docs, please follow the steps below to set up the environment locally.

Running the Docs Locally

Prerequisite You should have installed Git (version 2.30.1 or higher) and Node.js (version 18.10.0 or higher).

Step 1. Clone the MindsDB Git repository:

git clone

Step 2. Install Mintlify on your OS:

npm i mintlify -g

Step 3. Go to the docs folder inside the cloned MindsDB Git repository and start Mintlify there:

mintlify dev

The documentation website is now available at http://localhost:3000.

Getting an Error? If you use the Windows operating system, you may get an error saying no such file or directory: C:/Users/Username/.mintlify/mint/client. Here are the steps to troubleshoot it:

  • Go to the C:/Users/Username/.mintlify/ directory.
  • Remove the mint folder.
  • Open the Git Bash in this location and run git clone
  • Repeat step 3.

MindsDB Repository Structure

Here is the structure of the MindsDB docs repository:

docs                          # All documentation source files
|__assets/                    # Images and icons used throughout the docs
│  ├─ ...
│__folders_with_mdx_files/    # All remaining folders that store the .mdx files
|__mdx_files                  # Some of the .mdx files are stored in the docs directory
|__mintlify.json              # This JSON file stores navigation and page setup

What’s Next?

Follow our docs rules and have fun.

Thank you for contributing to the MindsDB docs!