How to Write a Tutorial

This section presents how to write a tutorial with MindsDB.

Content of the Tutorial

You are free to create your content. However, you should include in your tutorial all the chapters listed here.

The tutorial should be a Markdown file, for example, mindsdb-tutorial.mdx. Here is the basic Markdown syntax.


Here you introduce the readers to the tutorial. You can describe what dataset you use and what you predict.

Data Setup

This chapter contains an introduction to the dataset you use.

Connecting the Data

Let others follow your tutorial by providing information on where to get the data from and how to connect it to MindsDB.

Understanding the Data

You can briefly introduce the dataset you use.

Training a Predictor

Here you use the CREATE MODEL command to create a predictor.

Status of a Predictor

The next step is to check the status of a predictor. If its value is complete, you can proceed to the next chapter.

Making Predictions

Use the SELECT statement to query for prediction results. It is good to present the output to the readers.

Making a Single Prediction

In the case of regression and classification predictors, you can make a single prediction. It is good to present the output to the readers.

Making Batch Predictions

You can make batch predictions using the JOIN clause for all predictor types, such as regression, classification, and time series. It is good to present the output to the readers.

What’s Next?

Submit a PR with your tutorial. We’ll review it, and soon you’ll see your tutorial in the MindsDB docs!