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MindsDB SQL Editor

MindsDB provides a SQL Editor, so you don't need to download additional SQL clients to connect to MindsDB.

How to Use the MindsDB SQL Editor

There are two ways you can use the Editor, as below.

After setting up the MindsDB using Docker, or pip on Linux/Windows/MacOs, or pip via source code, go to your terminal and execute the following:

python -m mindsdb 

On execution, we get:

2022-05-06 14:07:04,599 - INFO -  - GUI available at

Immediately after, your browser automatically opens the MindsDB SQL Editor. In case if it doesn't, visit the URL in your browser of preference.

Go to the MindsDB Cloud and log in to your account. The Editor is the first page you see after logging in.

Here is a sneak peek of the MindsDB SQL Editor:


What's Next?

Now that you are all set, we recommend you check out our Tutorials and Community Tutorials sections, where you'll find various examples of regression, classification, and time series predictions with MindsDB.

To learn more about MindsDB itself, follow the guide on MindsDB database structure. Also, don't miss out on the remaining pages from the SQL API section, as they explain a common SQL syntax with examples.

Have fun!