Tableau lets you visualize your data easily and intuitively. Now that MindsDB supports the MySQL binary protocol, you can connect it to Tableau and see the forecasts.

How to Connect

Follow the steps below to connect your MindsDB to Tableau.

First, create a new workbook in Tableau and open the Connectors tab in the Connect to Data window.

Next, choose MySQL and provide the details of your MindsDB connection, such as the IP, port, and database name. Optionally, you can provide a username and password. Then, click Sign In.

Here are the connection parameters specific to your MindsDB installation type:

Host: `localhost`
Port: `47335`
Database name: `mindsdb`
Username: `mindsdb`
Password: *leave it empty*

Now you’re connected!

Overview of MindsDB in Tableau

The content of your MindsDB is visible in the right-side pane.

All the predictors are listed under the Table section. You can also switch between the integrations, such as mindsdb or files, in the Database section using the drop-down.

Now, let’s run some examples!


Example 1

Previewing one of the tables from the mysql integration:

Example 2

There is one technical limitation. Namely, we cannot join tables from different databases/integrations in Tableau. To overcome this challenge, you can use either views or custom SQL queries.

  • Previewing a view that joins a data table with a predictor table:

  • Using a custom SQL query by clicking the New Custom SQL button in the right-side pane:

What’s Next?

Now that you are all set, we recommend you check out our Tutorials and Community Tutorials sections, where you’ll find various examples of regression, classification, and time series predictions with MindsDB.

To learn more about MindsDB itself, follow the guide on MindsDB database structure. Also, don’t miss out on the remaining pages from the SQL API section, as they explain a common SQL syntax with examples.

Have fun!