MindsDB integrates with numerous data sources and popular AI/ML frameworks to seamlessly bring data and AI together.

Data sources are all the data sources that you can conect to MindsDB, including traditional databases and data that is behind APIs. It is important that MindsDB does no ETL pipelines. When you query a data source MindsDB forwards this query in real-time to the original data source. MindsDB is very good at translating SQL to any other query dialect.

AI/ML frameworks are all the possibilities you have for AI/ML modeling, from Generative AI to traditional ML and AutoML. You can create, train, and deploy AI/ML models within MindsDB ecosystem and provide it with data frmo connected data sources.

If you want to use a specific integration with MindsDB (either data or AI/ML integration), you need to ensure that the required dependencies are installed.

You can verify it by running this command:

SHOW HANDLERS WHERE name = 'integration_name';

The output includes the IMPORT_SUCCESS column. If this column reads true, then you can go ahead and use this integration. But, if it reads false, then you need to install all required dependencies following this instruction.