In this section, we present how to connect GitLab repository to MindsDB. GitLab is a DevSecOps Platform. Data from GitLab, including issues and MRs, can be utilized within MindsDB to make relevant predictions or automate the issue/MR creation.


This handler was implemented using the python-gitlab library. python-gitlab is a Python library that wraps GitLab API.

The GitLab handler is initialized with the following parameters:

  • repository: a required name of a GitLab repository to connect to.
  • api_key: an optional GitLab API key to use for authentication.

Here is how to connect MindsDB to a GitLab repository:

CREATE DATABASE mindsdb_gitlab
WITH ENGINE = 'gitlab',
  "repository": "gitlab-org/gitlab",
  "api_key": "api_key",    -- optional GitLab API key

If you installed MindsDB locally via pip, you need to install all handler dependencies manually. To do so, go to the handler’s folder (mindsdb/integrations/handlers/github_handler) and run this command: pip install -r requirements.txt.


The mindsdb_gitlab connection contains two tables: issues and merge_requests.

Now, you can use this established connection to query this table as:

SELECT * FROM mindsdb_gitlab.issues;

You can run more advanced queries to fetch specific issues in a defined order:

SELECT number, state, creator, assignee, title, created, labels 
  FROM mindsdb_gitlab.issues
  WHERE state="opened"
  ORDER BY created ASC, creator DESC
  LIMIT 10;

And the same goes for merge requests:

SELECT number, state, creator, reviewers, title, created, has_conflicts
  FROM mindsdb_gitlab.merge_requests
  WHERE state="merged"
  ORDER BY created ASC, creator DESC
  LIMIT 10;

For more information about available actions and development plans, visit this page.