Strapi is a popular open-source Headless Content Management System (CMS) that empowers developers to work with their preferred tools and frameworks, while providing content editors with a user-friendly interface to manage and distribute content across various platforms.

The Strapi Handler is a MindsDB handler that enables SQL-based querying of Strapi collections. This documentation provides a brief overview of its features, initialization parameters, and example usage.


To use the Strapi Handler, initialize it with the following parameters:

  • host: Strapi server host.
  • port: Strapi server port (typically 1337).
  • api_token: Strapi server API token for authentication.
  • plural_api_ids: List of plural API IDs for the collections.

To get started, create a Strapi engine database with the following SQL command:

CREATE DATABASE myshop --- Display name for the database.
WITH ENGINE = 'strapi', --- Name of the MindsDB handler.
  "host" : "<strapi-host>", --- Host (can be an IP address or URL).
  "port" : "<strapi-port>",  --- Common port is 1337.
  "api_token": "<your-strapi-api-token>", --- API token of the Strapi server.
  "plural_api_ids" : ["<plural-api-id>"] --- Plural API IDs of the collections.


Retrieve data from a collection:

FROM myshop.<collection-name>;

Filter data based on specific criteria:

FROM myshop.<collection-name>
WHERE id = <id-value>

Insert new data into a collection:

INSERT INTO myshop.<collection-name> (<field-name-1>, <field-name-2>, ...)
VALUES (<value-1>, <value-2>, ...);

Note: You only able to insert data into the collection which has create permission.

Modify existing data in a collection:

UPDATE myshop.<collection-name>
SET <field-name-1> = <value-1>, <field-name-2> = <value-2>, ...
WHERE id = <id-value>;

Note: You only able to update data into the collection which has update permission.