Most of the MindsDB functionality can be modified by extending the default configuration, but some of the configuration options can be added as environment variables on the server where MindsDB is deployed.

MindsDB Storage

By default, MindsDB stores the configuration files by determining appropriate platform-specific directories, e.g. a “user data dir”:

  • On Linux ~/.local/share/mindsdb/var
  • On MacOS ~/Library/Application Support/mindsdb/var
  • On Windows C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\Application Data\Local Settings\<AppAuthor>\mindsdb\var

In the MINDSDB_STORAGE_DIR location, MindsDB stores users’ data, models and uploaded data files, the static assets for the frontend application and the sqlite.db file. You can change the default storage location using MINDSDB_STORAGE_DIR variable.



MindsDB Configuration Storage

MindsDB uses sqlite database by default to store the required configuration as models, projects, files metadata etc. The full list of the above schemas can be found here. You can change the default storage option and use different database by adding the new connection string using MINDSDB_DB_CON variable.



MindsDB server

By default for the HTTP API, MindsDB uses Waitress which is a pure-Python WSGI server. There is an option to change that and use Flask or Gunircorn

If you want to use Gunicorn as a default server, make sure you run pip install gunicorn



MindsDB Updates

If you use on-premise deployment of MindsDB and you do not use MindsDB SQL editor, you can set the CHECK_FOR_UPDATES environment variable as below,