MindsDB is an AI Automation platform for building AI/ML powered features and applications. It works by connecting any source of data with any AI/ML model or framework and automating how real-time data flows between them.

MindsDB allows you to easily:

  • Connect to any store of data or end-user application.
  • Pass data to an AI model from any store of data or end-user application.
  • Plug the output of an AI model into any store of data or end-user application.
  • Fully automate these workflows to build AI-powered features and applications.

What is MindsDB

Build with MindsDB

As you can connect any data source with any AI/ML model, you can build and automate any AI/ML use case.

Here are some AI/LLM use cases:

You can use MindsDB for the following machine learning use cases:

You can use one of MindsDB’s AutoMLs or you can bring your own, pre-trained model.

Sample AI Workflow

We can automate any workflow end-to-end using MindsDB’s Jobs command. Take an AI workflow featuring integrations with Binance (our data source), TimeGPT (our forecasting model), and Slack (where we’ll publish the outputs from the forecasting model). In this scenario, you can seamlessly retrieve real-time trading data from Binance, utilize it as input for a TimeGPT model to generate forecasts, and receive these forecasts as Slack notifications.

Check out the Use Cases section for more examples and tutorials.

To find out about data sources available in MindsDB, follow this link.

To find out about AI frameworks available in MindsDB, follow this link.

Benefits of MindsDB

  1. Unified AI Deployment and Management
    MindsDB integrates directly with the database, warehouse, or stream. This eliminates the need to build and maintain custom, complex data pipelines or separate systems for AI/ML deployment.

  2. Automated AI Workflows
    MindsDB automates the entire AI workflow to execute on time-based or event-based triggers. No need to build custom automation logic to get predictions, move data, or (re)train models.

  3. Turn every developer into an AI Engineer
    MindsDB enables developers to leverage their existing SQL skills, accelerating the adoption of AI across teams and departments, turning every developer into an AI Engineer.

  4. Enhanced Scalability and Performance
    Whether in your private cloud or using MindsDB’s managed service, MindsDB enables you to handle large-scale AI/ML workloads efficiently. MindsDB can scale to meet the demands of your use case, ensuring optimal performance and responsiveness.

Contributing to MindsDB

Here is what you can do to help democratize AI:

  • Go ahead and try out MindsDB by following our tutorials. If you find something is not right, you can report an issue here.

  • Are you familiar with Python? You can then help us out in resolving open issues. Have a look at issues labeled with the help wanted tag.

  • You can also help us with documentation and tutorials. Here is how you can contribute by writing documentation and tutorials. Don’t forget to follow the style guide.

  • Share with your friends and spread the word about MindsDB.

  • Join our team! We are a fast-growing company, so we always have a few open positions.