MindsDB is the middleware for building custom AI, enabling smarter organizations.

We believe AI will help every company thrive, but off-the-shelf, generic AI usually doesn’t completely meet their needs. With MindsDB’s nearly 200 integrations, any developer can create AI customized for their purpose, faster and more securely. Their AI systems will constantly improve themselves — using companies’ own data, in real-time.


AI TablesOne of MindsDB’s innovations is the ability to treat AI (MODELS, AGENTS, KNOWLEDGE BASES) as virtual tables that you can SELECT FROM, JOIN, and FINE-TUNE from any datasource using any AI-Engine.
Data SourcesConnect any data to MindsDB, ths server then excels at translating SQL queries into requests that can access and combine data from a wide range of sources, including Databases, Applications, Vector stores, and much more.
AutomationYou can automate tasks with JOBS in MindsDB, by scheduling any query, at whatever frequency, or by using TRIGGERS.

Why MindsDB? MindsDB enhances SQL, which is an effective declarative language for data manipulation. It’s also an ideal foundation for constructing data-centric AI.

Use Cases

Here are some AI/LLM use cases:

You can use MindsDB for the following Machine Learning use cases:

And for the following multi-media use cases:

You can use one of MindsDB’s AutoMLs or you can bring your own, pre-trained model.

Sample AI Workflow

We can automate any workflow end-to-end using MindsDB’s Jobs command.

There are many tutorials that you can follow to see the full workflows in action.

For example: AI workflow featuring integrations with Binance (our data source), TimeGPT (our forecasting model), and Slack (where we’ll publish the outputs from the forecasting model). In this scenario, you can seamlessly retrieve real-time trading data from Binance, utilize it as input for a TimeGPT model to generate forecasts, and receive these forecasts as Slack notifications.

Check out the Use Cases section for more examples and tutorials.