MindsDB is the platform for building AI from enterprise data, enabling smarter organizations.

We believe AI will help every company thrive. But off-the-shelf, generic AI doesn’t completely meet anyone’s needs.

With MindsDB and its nearly 200 integrations to data sources and AI/ML frameworks, any developer can use their enterprise data to customize AI for their purpose, faster and more securely.


MindsDB integrates with numerous data sources, including databases, vector stores, and applications, and popular AI/ML frameworks, including AutoML and LLMs. Doing so, MindsDB brings data and AI together, enabling intuitive implementation and automation of AI systems.

Common concepts and features brought by MindsDB include the following:

AI Integrations

MindsDB gives you access to a wide range of AI/ML frameworks within your enterprise data environment.

Data Integrations

Connect any data source to MindsDB, including databases, vector stores, and applications.


Automate tasks with JOBS by scheduling execution at defined frequency, or with TRIGGERS by defining a triggering event.

An innovation introduced by MindsDB is the ability to abstract AI models as virtual tables that you can SELECT FROM, JOIN with data, and FINE-TUNE from any data source using any AI engine.

Use Cases

Common applications of MindsDB include AI and LLM use cases, machine learning use cases, and more. See a complete list with links below.

Check out the Use Cases section for examples and tutorials.


Interact with MindsDB from different development environments.


Find out how to contribute to MindsDB following instructions here.


Learn about benefits of MindsDB and more in the FAQs section.