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Setup for Docker

Install Docker

Install Docker on your machine. To make sure Docker is successfully installed on your machine, run:

docker run hello-world

You should see the Hello from Docker! message displayed. If not, check Docker's Get Started documentation.

Docker for Mac users, RAM Allocation issues

By default, Docker for Mac allocates 2.00GB of RAM. This is insufficient for deploying MindsDB with docker. We recommend increasing the default RAM limit to 4.00GB. Please refer to Docker's Docker Desktop for Mac user manual for more information on how to increase the allocated memory.

Start MindsDB

Run the below command to start MindsDB in Docker:

docker run -p 47334:47334 -p 47335:47335 mindsdb/mindsdb

The -p flag allows access to MindsDB by two different methods:

  • -p 47334:47334 - Publishes port 47334 to access MindsDB GUI and HTTP API.
  • -p 47335:47335 - Publishes port 47335 to access MindsDB MySQL API.

Optional Additional Configuration

Default Configuration

The default configuration for MindsDB's Docker image is represented as a JSON block:

 "storage_dir": "/root/mdb_storage",
  { "level": { "console": "ERROR", "file": "WARNING", "db": "WARNING" } },
 "debug": false,
 "integrations": {},
   "http": { "host": "", "port": "47334" },
   "mysql": { "host": "", "password": "", "port": "47335", "user": "mindsdb", "database": "mindsdb", "ssl": true },
   "mongodb": { "host": "", "port": "47336", "database": "mindsdb" }

To override the default configuration, you can provide values via the MDB_CONFIG_CONTENT environment variable.


docker run -e MDB_CONFIG_CONTENT='{"api":{"http": {"host": "","port": "8080"}}}' mindsdb/mindsdb

Known Issues

MKL Issues

If you experience any issues related to MKL or if your training process does not complete, please add the MKL_SERVICE_FORCE_INTEL environment variable:

docker run -e MKL_SERVICE_FORCE_INTEL=1 -p 47334:47334 -p 47335:47335 mindsdb/mindsdb