MindsDB Cloud is a service hosted by MindsDB. It contains all of the latest updates and provides a handy SQL editor so you can run your queries right away.

MindsDB Pro gives you a dedicated instance with a powerful GPU to experiment and ship your AI/ML project to production. You can choose between an annual contract paid monthly (500permonth)oranannualcontractpaidupfront(500 per month) or an annual contract paid upfront (400 per month = $4800). This plan includes MindsDB core team support through a dedicated Slack Connect channel, custom GPU and backup setup, and more.

You can sign up for a pro account at MindsDB Cloud here. Follow the steps below that guide you through the sign-up process.

Create a Pro Account at MindsDB Cloud

Follow this link and fill out the sign-up form, as below.

Once you agree to the Terms & Conditions and click the Create Account button, you’ll be asked to choose a plan for your MindsDB Cloud account.

Here you can find out what features are included in the Pro version of MindsDB Cloud.

Please click the Talk to sales button to setup your MindsDB Pro account.

Use a Pro Account at MindsDB Cloud

After completing the setup, you can log in to your MindsDB Cloud account.

Now, besides a demo instance, you’ll see a dedicated instance.

It is initially turned off. You can turn it on with the Status toggle button.