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MindsDB's JavaScript SDK

The MindsDB SDK for JavaScript provides all of the MindsDB's native functionalities through MindsDB Server.

Installing JavaScript SDK

The JavaScript SDK can be installed with npm or yarn:

npm install mindsdb-js-sdk


yarn add mindsdb-js-sdk

Also, you can install it from source:

git clone
cd mindsdb_js_sdk
npm install

Usage example

The following example covers the basic flow: connect to MindsDB Server, train new model, make predictions.

import MindsDB from 'mindsdb-js-sdk';

const connected = await;
if (!connected) return;

// lists of predictors and datasources
const predictorsList = MindsDB.dataSources();
const predictors = MindsDB.predictors();

// get datasource
const rentalsDatasource = await MindsDB.DataSource({name: 'home_rentals'}).load();

// get predictor
const rentalsPredictor = await MindsDB.Predictor({name: 'home_rentals'}).load();

// query
const result = rentalsPredictor.queryPredict({'initial)|_price': 2000, 'sqft': 500});