MongoDB Shell is the quickest way to connect and work with MongoDB.

MindsDB provides a powerful MongoDB API, allowing users to connect MindsDB to the MongoDB Shell. Please note that connection to MongoDB API provided by MindsDB is the same as connection to a MongoDB database. You can download MongoDB Shell here.


Here is an overview of the connection between MindsDB and MongoDB Shell:

Let’s go through the steps presented above:

  1. We connect MongoDB Shell to MindsDB. It is discussed in the following content.

  2. We connect MindsDB to a database. You can use the CREATE DATABASE statement and run it from MindsDB, passing all required database connection details.

  3. Having completed steps 1 and 2, you can access the connected database from MongoDB Shell via MindsDB.

How to Connect

Here is how to connect MongoDB Shell to MindsDB using either MindsDB Cloud or local installation.

Please add the MindsDB Cloud Public IPs to the access list of your Mongo database.

Upon opening the MongoDB Shell, you see the following message:

Let’s look at the connection strings for both MindsDB Cloud and local installation.

Provide your local MindsDB connection string to connect to a local MindsDB installation. You can copy the connection string from the MongoDB Compass if you have already created a connection there.

Here is a connection string to connect to a local MindsDB installation:


What’s Next?

Now that you are all set, we recommend you check out our Tutorials section, where you’ll find various examples of regression, classification, and time series predictions with MindsDB.

To learn more about MindsDB itself, follow the guide on MindsDB collection structure. Also, don’t miss out on the remaining pages from the Mongo API section, as these explain common MQL syntax with examples.

Have fun!

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