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Query the model from MongoDB API

This section assumes that you have trained a new model using MongoDB client or MindsDB Studio.

To get the predictions from the model, you will need to call find() method on the model collection and provide values for which you want to get prediction as an object:

db.model_name.find({'key': 'value', 'key':'value'})


The object provided to find() method must be valid JSON format.

Query example

The following example shows you how to query the model from a mongo client. The collection used for training the model is the Telcom Customer Churn dataset. MindsDB will predict the customer Churn value based on the object values sent to find() method.

db.churn.find({'PhoneService': 'Yes','InternetService': 'DSL', 'OnlineService': 'No','MonthlyCharges': 53.85, 'TotalCharges': 108.15, 'tenure': 2, 'PaperlessBilling': 'Yes'})
You should get a response from MindsDB similar to:

predicted_value confidence info
Yes 0.8 Check JSON below
  "Churn": "Yes",
  "Churn_confidence": 0.8,
  "Churn_explain": {
    "class_distribution": {
      "No": 0.44513007027299717,
      "Yes": 0.5548699297270028
    "predicted_value": "Yes",
    "confidence": 0.8,
    "prediction_quality": "very confident",
    "important_missing_information": [