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Install MindsDB



Follow the Linux installation instructions.


Follow the Windows installation instructions.


Follow the macOS installation instructions.

Install with Docker

If none of the above specific OS installation options doesn't work for you, alternatively, you can also run MindsDB in a docker container assuming that you have docker installed in your computer. Run following commands to pull and run our latest image:

docker pull mindsdb/mindsdb
docker run -p 47334:47334 -p 47335:47335 -p 47336:47336 mindsdb/mindsdb

Try out using GoogleCollab

Checkout Google Colab this example on GoogleCollab.


Due to the fact that pytorch only supports certain instruction sets, mindsdb can only use certain types of GPUs. Currently, on AWS, g3 and p3 instance types should be fine, but p2 and g2 instances are not supported. VPS on DigitalOcean with 3 GB Memory and above should work.

MindsDB Server

After succesfull installation MindsDB Server can be started by running:

python -m mindsdb

You should see a similar message to:

GUI should be available by
Start on
Serving on
  • To access MindsDB APIs visit
  • To access MindsDB Scout visit