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Installing MindsDB


Before you begin, you need python>=3.7 or Conda Python3, and make sure you have the latest pip3.

To install python & pip:

curl | python3
pip3 install --upgrade pip

To install conda (only required on some windows environments) download conda from here. Once that's done run the anaconda prompt.

Once that's done, you can install mindsdb from your terminal or from the anaconda prompt.

Standard installation

Install MindsDB:

pip install mindsdb

What to do if installation fails

  1. Try using pip3 instead of pip (pip3 install mindsdb) and try installing for your current user only (pip install mindsdb --user)

  2. Try manually installing pytorch following the simple instructions on their official website:

  3. If you are using Linux install tkinter from your package manager in certain situations.

    • Ubuntu/Debian: sudo apt-get install python3-tk tk
    • Fedora: sudo dnf -y install python3-tkinter
    • Arch: sudo pacman -S tk
  4. If you are using Windows, but are not using Anaconda or Conda, try installing one of them and running the installation from the anaconda prompt.

  5. If you've previously installed mindsdb and are having issues upgrading to a new version, try installing with the command: pip install mindsdb --upgrade, if that still fails, try: pip install mindsdb --no-cache-dir --force-reinstall.

  6. If none of this works, try installing mindsdb using the docker container and create an issue with the installation errors you got on:, we'll try to review it within a few hours.

Build and run your docker container

Alternatively, you can also run MindsDB in a docker container. Assuming that you have docker installed in your computer. On your terminal, you can do the following:

sh -c "$(curl -sSL"


Due to the fact that pytorch only supports certain instruction sets, mindsdb can only use certain types of GPUs. Currently, on AWS, g3 and p3 instance types should be fine, but p2 and g2 instances are not supported. VPS on DigitalOcean with 3 GB Memory and above should work.

MindsDB Server

After installing MindsDB Server can be started by running:

python -m mindsdb

You should see simmilar message as:

GUI should be available by
Start on
Serving on
  • To access MindsDB API's visit
  • To access MindsDB Scout visit