The retrain() fuction lets us retrain the model, for example, when there is a new version of MindsDB available.


Here is how to get an existing model and retrain it if its update status is available.

// Getting an existing model
const homeRentalPriceModel = await MindsDB.Models.getModel('home_rentals_model', 'mindsdb');

// Checking the status and retraining a model if required
if (homeRentalPriceModel.updateStatus === 'available') {
  try {
    // For custom retraining: homerentalPriceModel.retrain('example_db', trainingOptions);
    await homeRentalPriceModel.retrain();
    console.log('retrained a model');
  } catch (error) {
    // Something went wrong with retraining

You can find full training options here.