The adjust() fuction lets us finetune the model with specific data.


Here is how you can finetune, or adjust, a model:

// Getting a model
const homeRentalPriceModel = await MindsDB.Models.getModel('home_rentals_model', 'mindsdb');
console.log('got a model');

// Defining data used to finetune a model
const adjustSelect = 'SELECT * FROM demo_data.home_rentals WHERE days_on_market >= 10';
//const params = { 'key' : 'value' }

try {

  // Finetuning/adjusting a model with the specified dataset
  await homeRentalPriceModel.adjust({
    integration: 'example_db',
    select: adjustSelect
    //using: params
  console.log('finetuned a model');  
} catch (error) {
  // Something went wrong adjusting

You can find full adjust options here.