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Connect to remote URL

Connecting MindsDB to your remote data can be easily done with a few clicks. You can connect to your:

  • S3 filestore
  • Raw GitHub files
  • Azure Blob storage files
  • Google cloud storage

Or, wherever your files are publicly accessible. You can upload any tabular data format as:

  • CSV, TSV
  • TXT
  • JSON
  • XML

Upload from remote URL

  1. From the left navigation menu, select the Data dashboard.
  2. Click on the ADD BY URL button.
  3. In the New data source from URL modal window:
    1. Add a URL link to your data.
    2. Add name for the datasource.
    3. Click on UPLOAD.

Connect to remote url

That's it 🎉 🏆 💻

You have successfully connected to your remote dataset from MindsDB Studio. The next step is to train the Machine Learning model.