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The RETRAIN statement is used to retrain old predictors. The basic syntax for retraining the predictors is:

RETRAIN predictor_name;
The predictor is updated to leverage any new data in optimizing its predictive capabilities, without necessarily taking as long to train as starting from scratch.

RETRAIN Predictor example

This example shows how you can retrain the predictor called home_rentals_model.

RETRAIN home_rentals_model;

SELECT Predictor status

To check if the status of the predictor is outdated you can SELECT from predictors table:

SELECT * FROM mindsdb.predictors WHERE name='predictor_name';

SELECT Predictor example

To check the status of the home_rentals_model run:

SELECT * FROM mindsdb.predictors WHERE name='home_rentals_model';

Model Sttus

If the status is OUTDATED you can retrain the predictor.