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Install on macOS

Install using MindsDB installers

Install MindsDB on your MacOS machine using an easy-to-use shell script.

Download the script

MindsDB for MacOS

This script will install MindsDB and MindsDB's dependencies, and start the MindsDB server.

Note that you need Python 3.6.x, 3.7.x or 3.8.x installed.

Install using Anaconda

You will need Anaconda or Conda installed and Python 64bit version. Then open Anaconda Prompt and:

  1. Create new virtual environment and install mindsdb:

    conda create -n mindsdb
    conda activate mindsdb
    pip install mindsdb
  2. To verify that mindsdb was installed run:

    conda list

Install using pip

We suggest you to install MindsDB in a virtual environment when using pip to avoid dependency issues. Make sure your Python version is >=3.6.

  1. Create and activate venv:

    python -m venv mindsdb
    source mindsdb/bin/activate
  2. Install MindsDB:

    pip install mindsdb
  3. To verify that mindsdb was installed run:

    pip freeze

Installation fail

Don't worry, simply follow the below bellow instruction which should fix most issues.

  1. If you got numpy.distutils.system_info.NotFoundError: No lapack/blas resources found. Note: Accelerate is no longer supported. error when installing on macOS and you are using Python 3.9 please, downgrade to older versions for now. We are working on this and Python 3.9 will be supported soon.

  2. Python 64 bit version is required.

  3. If you are using macOS and got error about system dependencies, try installing MindsDB with Anaconda and run the installation from the anaconda prompt.

  4. If none of this works, try installing mindsdb using the docker container and create an issue with the installation errors you got on our Github repository and we'll try to review it within a few hours.